Rama Return to Ayodhya

Rama Return to Ayodhya is a very popular and major event in the history of North India.

Rama, the ancient idol of India is the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband, and above all, the ideal king. After ten days of fierce war with Ravana, the victorious Rama, Laxman and Sita prepared to return to Ayodhya. There was joyous shouts of Victory to Rama, Victory to Hanuman. Gods from the Heaven poured flowers and garlands to celebrate and show their pleasure.

Celebration in Ayodhya

Here in Ayodhya, Bharat, Rama’s beloved brother, eagerly waited for the arrival of Rama, Laxmana and Sita. He had counted every day of those fourteen years that Rama had to suffer in forest as a result of his mother’s folly. He had ruled as the representative of Rama, living like a monk (sanyasi) adoring Rama’s wooden shoes on the throne during his absence.

Bharata encouraged people of Ayodhya to celebrate Rama return to Ayodhya with pomp and show. Actually there was no need to pass any order. The whole city of Ayodhya was eager to welcome her heroes. The whole city was decorated with flowers and garlands. Every house adored beautiful look of cleanliness and was lighted with candles and lamps. Perfumes and scent filled the air. Every street was cleaned and watered, and decorated with hand-painted colorful designs.

Rama becomes the King

After Rama return to Ayodhya, there was mad rush to see Rama first. Bharata and Rama hugged each other, tears flowing down their eyes. Rama inquired about the well being of Kaikeyi first, then about his mother Kaushalya and Sumitra (Lakshman’s mother). Soon, Rama was given his due honour as King of Ayodhya. Formal sacrificial ceremony was performed with gaiety and pomp and Rama ruled Ayodhya wisely. Everyone including animals and trees were happy and contented.